College Rules

Every student is supported to show decent and well groomed behavior in the college . After becoming a part of it , they are expected to:

  • Discipline themselves in uniform and punctuality .
  • Show satisfactory performance in academics .
  • Respect the religions and cultural ideology of others .
  • Participate in co-curricular and extra curricular activities .
  • Respect the Teaching and Non-Teaching staff of the college .

There are some rules to be followed strictly and violation of them may cause expulsion from the college . A student may be withdrawn if she:

  • Brings any kind of drugs / narcotics .
  • Displays materials and message of any political / religious / student organizations participates and arranges such activities .
  • Cheats and uses unfair means in test / examinations .
  • Willfully damages college property .
  • Mis-behaves with the staffs and seniors .
  • Consistently gives poor performance in academics.
  • Absents herself from the class and any other college activities without solid .Repetivitive by bunks classes .
  • Collect any donations , using the name of college .
  • Remains habitually late.
  • Brings mobile phones .
  • Boycotts class are provokes other .